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In many incineration and industrial plants of various sectors as well as in the municipal sector, dust emissions are produced during production processes. These emissions must be purified before they are released into the atmosphere The resulting dusts can be sticky, wet, dry or combustible and have different particle sizes. Often industrial dusts are between 0.1 and 1000 μm in size and vary greatly in composition. They are also present in various concentrations and combinations with other pollutants. Compared to dry separators, wet scrubbers have the great advantage that fires or explosive mixtures cannot occur. Depending on the industry and area of application, such as in incineration plants, wet separators are indispensable.

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Operating principle

With this type of scrubber, coarser solid particles and fibres are filtered out of the exhaust air.

The DLP (Dust Low Pressure) scrubber from Wessel-Umwelttechnik has a number of advantages. In addition to a long operating period, this wet dust collector system scores with a constant separation performance. Wessel uses only high-quality materials to manufacture scrubbers. This results in a high chemical resistance. Thanks to automatic monitoring of the process parameters during operation, the highest possible operational reliability is guaranteed. The system reacts automatically to changes in the inlet conditions. All in all, the DLP wet scrubber is easily operable due to the practice-optimised control system. The power consumption is comparatively low due to low pressure losses.

Typical areas of application

The DLP scrubber is used, among other things, in connection with the Wessel BIOCAT scrubber, which is used for biological exhaust air cleaning. The DLP scrubber functions in this case as the first stage. For example, in the wood-based panel industry, exhaust air is simultaneously cleaned of dust and fibres by the DLP unit and of odours and pollutants by the BIOCAT scrubber unit.


Operating principle

The AGGLO-Control scrubber does an excellent job separating the smallest particles and aerosols. This dust collector is suitable for removing fine particles down to grain sizes of less than 3 μm. This makes the AGGLO scrubber from Wessel-Umwelttechnik predestined for use in various industrial contexts. Exhaust gases and exhaust air of various types are filtered efficiently and, above all, cost-effectively, and raw gas is freed from dust. Clean gas is released into the atmosphere that has been purified of over 95 % of particles from 1 μm in size. With the AGGLO-Control scrubber, the higher the dust density, the more efficient the separation of the contaminants.

The AGGLO-Control scrubber from Wessel-Umwelttechnik scores with its compact and space-saving design, which can be accommodated on any industrial site. Furthermore, this system can be easily combined with other cleaning systems from Wessel-Umwelttechnik, such as the bio scrubber. In this way, not only is any dust removed, but also VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and easily water-soluble pollutants as well as odours. This ensures that your company releases maximally purified air into the environment and thus even fall below the legal minimum requirements of the official regulation (e.g German TA Luft).

Typical areas of application

The AGGLO-Control scrubber is a good choice for many operations due to its efficient cleaning of raw gas and its compact design. This wet dust separator is particularly suitable where fine dusts, high process temperatures (incinerator plants) or explosive pollutant mixtures occur.

Safe operation in many environments

Wessel's wet separator systems have been designed to offer maximum process reliability. The mode of operation with water as cleaning medium prevents the risk of fire and explosion compared to dry dust extractors.

Hardly any maintenance

The wet separators from Wessel-Umwelttechnik require little maintenance and operation effort. During operation, monitoring is automated, so that maximum system availability can be achieved.

High efficiency

Wessel continuously optimises its scrubber systems. This means that the legally required clean gas values can be safely complied with now and in the future. The systems work efficiently: The efficiency of pollutant and dust separation is very high at over 95 %.


Wet dust separators are used wherever exhaust air and exhaust gases have to be cleaned of various dusts. For almost all industrial sectors and municipal applications where dust-laden exhaust gases are generated, these physical dust collectors have proven to be an efficient and environmentally friendly solution.

These include:

  • Waste disposal industry
  • Wood-based panel and furniture industry
  • Food and luxury food industrye
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Automotive industry and its suppliers
  • Rubber processing industry



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