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Customised solutions for every exhaust air volume

To protect people and the environment, many industrialised countries have legal requirements regarding the quality of exhaust air in production and the industrial sector. Companies are obliged to treat exhaust gases and fumes in such a way that the legally required limit values are complied with – and thus odour, pollutant, dust and aerosol emissions are reduced.

Together with you, we analyse the initial situation and develop customised concepts for exhaust air and gas purification. In doing so, we always consider your individual needs and the prevailing conditions on site. Wessel-Umwelttechnik will design a system specially tailored to your requirements, depending on the exhaust air volume, the type of exhaust gases and other general conditions such as space. We also pay particular attention to safe process engineering with low investment and operating costs.

We accompany you on the way to pure air

Wessel-Umwelttechnik is able to offer both, large-scale, complex systems and standard solutions. We cater to the individual requirements and conditions of each customer.

We support and advise you from your first contact through to the commissioning of the system by our specialist engineers. And we are also there for you afterwards. Maintenance, inspections and repairs are carried out by our own service technicians.

Our needs-orientated and customised solutions always focus on sustainability, energy efficiency, resource conservation and cost-effectiveness. We design systems for you that not only exceed the legal requirements but are also optimised for you in terms of investment and operating costs.

Solutions for every requirement

We are able to select the best possible technology from our broad product range for different tasks, such as complex applications consisting of several tasks (odour and pollutant separation, etc.) and implement them on a turnkey basis.


Biological exhaust air purification is necessary if exhaust air is to be purified of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or odorous substances.


Chemical exhaust air purification via gas scrubbers is required if pollutants are to be filtered out of the exhaust air.


Our special scrubbers are used to remove dust from fumes and exhaust gases, especially for sticky/agglomerating solids and at high temperatures.

Another physical exhaust air purification solution is the use of adsorption systems, which filter volatile organic compounds and other pollutants from exhaust air, fumes, and exhaust gases. This process is particularly suitable for low to medium concentrations of pollutants.


If no processes for biological and chemical exhaust air purification can be used efficiently, thermal post-treatment using regenerative thermal oxidation is often the method of choice.

Heat recovery

In industrial environments, heat recovery systems utilise the heat contained in the exhaust air to heat air or water. This allows you to utilise the heat contained in the exhaust air to heat buildings, for example, at the same time as cleaning the exhaust air.

Wessel-Umwelttechnik offers a wide range of solutions for exhaust air purification in the industry and other sectors, including both low-cost standard and high-quality customised options to meet the different needs of customers.

Over 150 Heat Recovery Systems

Over 800 Exhaust Air Cleaning Plants

Over 50 Years Experience

Trust our expertise

We have been a competent partner in all matters relating to industrial exhaust air purification and heat recovery since 1965. Thanks to our many years of market experience, we can offer you turnkey systems for a wide range of environmental tasks and for various industries.

We have already installed over 800 customised exhaust air purification systems and more than 150 heat recovery systems. Our solutions are used in almost all industrial sectors as well as in the municipal sector. We use our expertise to develop sophisticated systems with a high level of operational reliability that reliably comply with the limit values required by the guidelines Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control.

We are your trusted expert in the field of exhaust air purification.

Contributing to environmental friendliness and sustainability

Wessel-Umwelttechnik is a leading provider of environmentally friendly solutions and technologies that help companies from a wide range of sectors and industries to reduce their emissions.

We are the ideal partner for reducing your company's carbon footprint in line with the statutory decarbonisation targets. It goes without saying that we balance CO2 emissions for possible solutions and condider them when making a selection. With our customised systems, you can fulfil your ecological responsibility and be one step closer to your goal: reducing emissions, switching to environmentally friendly production, producing more energy-efficiently and/or focusing on the circular economy.

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