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According to kind of dust and characteristics there are different possibilities to reduce dust emissions in the exhaust air of industrial processes. The dedusting plants are separated into

  • Inertial separators
  • Wet separators
  • Electrostatic precipitators
  • and filtering separators

We will check the different suitability for the individual application for you. Please contact us for further information

Our core competences are in the area of wet separation. But also procedural devices, as cyclones, wet electric filters or fabric filters are part of our business activities. Depending on the individual tasks and the kinds and concentration of the dust fabric filters are used, either cartridge filters, pocket filters or bag filters. The kind and texture of the filter medium is in turn depending on the dusts to be separated and their characteristics as well as on the further matters contained in the exhaust air and the physical properties of the exhaust air (temperature, moisture etc.)


Our solutions by means of wet separation, among others:


Our DLP-scrubber is perfectly suitable for an efficient and reliable separation of rough solid particles from the exhaust air.

Your advantages:

  • Long operation period and constant separation performance by automatic dedusting
  • Easy operability by simple control and less components
  • Low operating costs due to reduces sewage quantities
  • Low pressure losses and low electric power consumption by accurate individual lay-out
  • High plant availability and operation reliability by automatic supervision of process parameters
  • Use of high-quality and durable materials, all part in contact with water are exhaust air are made of stainless steel or synthetic material


for the separation of rough particles as well as micro particles to fine particles, but also for the effective separation of oils, grease and other fluids.

The AGGLO-Control Scrubber has the following advantages in comparison to current dry filter systems:

  • No fire risk in comparison to dry systems
  • A pressure loss optimized operation is possible by adjustment of the AGGLO-Control instruments subject to the necessary separation capacity
  • The efficiency rises with the dust density
  • Additional separation of water-soluble substances (VOC)
  • Long operation period and constant separation performance by automatic dedusting

Do you have any questions on dedusting plants? If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We look forward to hearing from you: info(at)wessel-umwelttechnik.de