The need for action in the field of exhaust air purification is normally a result of legal specifications. Numerous laws and regulations govern the fields of:

Odorous emissions, Pollutant emissions, Dust and aerosol emissions We are in a position to choose the best possible technology for different problems from our broad product range and to implement these on a turnkey basis.

Here, we are responsive to individual requests and design a plant which is specially tailored to your needs.

Odorous emissions:

Odours are often a result of a mixture of hundreds of substances. Having supplied more than 200 large- scale plants for odourant extraction for the most varied performance requirements, we possess extensive competence and experience in this area.

Pollutant emissions:

By evaporation or degasification of chemical componentsduring technical processes pollutants escape into the exhaust air.We always offer the appropriate system for the wide range of pollutant elimination when dealing with inorganic or organic compounds, such as solvents.

Dust emissions:

In the design of dust extraction plants we are able to draw on many years of experience with our wide range of reference systems. In our product range we offer dry dust extraction and wet scrubbers, enabling treatment even of damp and hot exhaust air as well as agglomerate dust with our industrial systems.

Energy recovery systems:

In terms of climate protection and economic viability, specificfocus is put on the integration of energy recovery systems in our exhaust air cleaning plants. Heat contained in exhaust air is not released into the atmosphere but utilised, e.g., by means of a heat exchanger for warm water production processes or for the heating of buildings.

Your advantages are::

  • Permanent reduction of energy costs for heat generation
  • Reduction of operating costs depending on the installation of up to 90 %
  • Rapid return of investment
  • Considerable reduction of environmental impact
Exhaust air cleaning plant

Exhaust air cleaning plant