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Wessel-Umwelttechnik GmbH is exhibiting for the first time together with its sister company Eisenmann Environmental Technology GmbH at IFAT in Munich:

30.05.2022 – 03.06.2022
Hall A4 / Booth 345


The following highlights will be presented at our booth:

Wessel-Umwelttechnik GmbH:

  • Exhaust Air Purification| Focus: Biological & Chemical Exhaust Air Purification
  • Ad- and Absorption Plants
  • Thermal Exhaust Air Purification Plants, e.h. for MBT plants

Eisenmann Environmental Technology GmbH:

  • Exhaust Air Purification | Focus: Thermal Oxidation
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment
  • Waste Disposal with Material Recycling



We advise you individually on various topics in the field of environmental technology:


  • 31. BImSchV / European Solvent Directive:

Due to the wide product portfolio of Wessel and Eisenmann, we are able ot offer our customers the best possible exhaust air purification technologies. The selection is made taking into account the requirements of the 31st BImSchV - especially with regard to favorable investment and operating costs. Our heat recovery systems are of interest for many applications in the solvent industry, as shortest amortization periods can be realized.


  • New TA Luft (pollutant and odour separation) and the European Exhaust Air Directive on Exhaust Gas Treatment WGC-BREF:

Many years of experience with installed systems for tasks from different industries are available, among others the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, automotive, surface treatment as well as the wood-based panel industry.


  • Optimized exhaust air purification technologies for the waste management industry:

Biological & chemical scrubbers as well as biofilter systems for pollutant and odour separation for composting plants, thermal sewage sludge treatment, etc.. We have developed our RTO systems for MBT plants, among others, which pay special attention to the aspect of corrosion protection and energy efficiency.

  • FENTOX for pre-treatment of complex organic toxic trace substances or non-biodegradable organic substances, which - in combination with a downstream biology - achieves excellent wastewater values very efficiently
  • NaRePAK process (patent) for the treatment of road construction materials containing PAHs, which makes it possible to treat the contaminated residual materials on a decentralized basis and then recycle them
  • Heat recovery systems in combination with exhaust air purification technologies
  • Flue gas cleaning systems based on wet-chemical exhaust air cleaning technology



Our sales team on site:

Kai Weber                                                                Andreas Breeger                               
kai.weber(at)wessel-umwelttechnik.de             andreas.breeger(at)wessel-umwelttechnik.de

Make an appointment with us in advance - we will be happy to send you a ticket!

We look forward to welcoming you at IFAT 2022!


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