Planing and Engineering

Custom-made solutions from one source

Based on know-how gained over many years, we plan, develop and design exhaust air cleaning plants in close collaboration with our customers.

We provide you with a comprehensive service pack – commencing with the choice of the most suitable exhaust air cleaning technology. Here, we provide the entire spectrum of possible process technologies ranging from combustion to biological treatment.

We evaluate the tasks based always on the existing flow of materials in order to find the most economical solution for our customer. The different planning and development phases are supported by our experienced engineers. Here, we find the optimum solution even for the most difficult plant locations and also assist you, as a matter of course, with the related issues concerning the official licensing.

Standard systems (non-engineered systems)

Standard systems in plant engineering and construction are a universal weapon against price and time pressure. They help to avoid non-productive times and create space for technical creativity.

Our standard systems form a secure foundation for a quick and affordable solution.

We will advise you on which system is suitable for your needs.

Design of the waste air purification

Design of the waste air purification