Pilot Plants & Laboratory Analyses

We handle various exhaust gas purification tasks in our laboratory.

In connection with our mobile pilot facilities, we create the data base for the optimisation and development of existing process concepts.

The process development includes basic experiments that support theoretical considerations. Our professional staff have an extensive range of modern equipment at their disposal for these tasks.

In addition to these project-specific investigations, we also carry out our own independent research. Here, we work closely with various institutions and universities.

Our research and development work covers all relevant areas:

It ranges from investigations of the biodegradation of particular substances to the development of measuring instruments.

Thanks to our extensive activities in the field of research and development, we have the expertise required to develop suitable system solutions, even for difficult applications.


For many applications – for example, a mixture of pollutants in exhaust air – practical demonstrations are more convincing than theoretical calculations. That is, demonstrations carried out using on-site pilot plants with real exhaust gases.

The tailor-made design of a commercial plant based on the results of such pilot plants guarantees the optimum cost-benefit ratio for you. Wessel-Umwelttechnik possesses a variety of mobile test plants such as bioactive scrubbers, trickle-bed reactors, absorption and oxidation gas scrubbers, bio filters and fabric filters.

These are employed for different problems and professionally supervised by our specialist personnel.

Pilot installation

Pilot installation